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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Practice Session - Rolling Ridgeback Style!

This clip is specially for "Jeannine" the girl's breeder... she wanted to see the rolling "Ridgeback Style" and while I am nowhere near good enough to really take them for a walk, we decided as today was nice and cloudy and therefore much cooler - plus a Saturday so fewer people around - we would get the dogs used to seeing me on the Landrollers.

Initially Michael walked them beside me and in front of me (and to the left and right) - as these are the positions they will need to be in, and then trotted by me as I picked up a little speed.  Once they were happy with this, we did short stints where it was quiet and safe - with me holding the leash and so that if I needed to let go Michael could just do the recall to him.  They were so good in fact that if they felt the leash they immediately slowed to my pace - so our initial thoughts of teaching them to a "harness" for the "pulling effect" seems to be a good one.  I will then use the leash as a slow/stop and be with me connection and the leash and harness as a "pull me" connection and build in a command that so they know what to do and when.  

Both dogs were great although Akina was a little unnerved by the grinding squeak of the break as it hits the tar, but she stayed with me and sat when asked.  Kaishi, being Kaishi, was totally chilled and acted as though Landrolling is an everyday occurrence in her life and why wouldn't a human get on wheels and take a dog for a walk?!  It's obvious.  That dog was born "Miss Cool"... They are both such stars and totally adorable.  Ndzilo took the morning off and watched from the sidelines - but she's pretty chilled about everything already and takes whatever you throw at her in her stride.  As she says - there is no such thing as not being able to teach an old dog new tricks!  That's just a myth.

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