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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Quesa - a hiker, biker and dog walker heaven!

What a fantastic find Quesa has been.  Recommended by a couple of people I met recently and some hiking guests who stayed at the Casita, I decide to go exploring.  I checked out some info on the internet first, about where to park and what to see, and then headed out.  It took a while to find the right location to park - and in fact there were other options but I only discovered these on my return to the car - and then I headed out in the direction of some of the yellow and white footpath signs I had seen when I was driving about.

We're ready!
As it happened, there were also red and white GR routes (long distance paths) and a blue "water source" route.  I came across marker upon marker and sign post after sign post with so many choices or where to go I felt like a child in a sweetshop with too much choice!  The routes were easy to follow so we just went wherever we fancied.  There was a microlight flying low along the river bed - it was actually spectacular but sadly I did not get my camera out in time.  We stopped to take many photos, video clips and then to sit on the river bank - or rather I sat on the bank and the dogs played like mad things!  They had the most fantastic day.  It was like our trips to the beach in Paternoster - but this time we had the river bank.  Apart from a few mountain bikers and two people fishing, we saw no one and it was so quiet and peaceful.  The temperature was perfect and although on the return journey it was coming up for 10.00am we were in the shade of the valley and out of direct sunshine - perfect for walking.  The dogs had plenty of water to cool off in and to drink along the way and by the time we got back to the car they were covered in black stinky mud and very, very happy!

Early morning sun on the path
I dropped them off at the car as there was water and shade at the carpark and the interior of the car was lovely and cool.  They flopped down to sleep almost immediately and I popped back to a cafe we had passed on the way into town - a two minute walk from the car parking.  It was wonderful to sit and have cafe con leche and a breakfast bocadillo while the world went by.  At 10.00am it started to get busier - as cyclists passed through the town everyone in the bars would wave and call to them.  The three dogs and I had even received a few waves and cheers ourselves as we entered the town!

OK, we'll pose but then can we run some more?!
I will certainly be making this a regular walking trip with the girls and it's a great discovery.  It's only 20 minutes in the car, three villages along from Chella and in the mountains and valleys with stunning scenery.  It makes a nice change for them from our usual walks and of course - they like nothing better than playing in water!

Ndzilo - full of joy and a big smile!
       The route of all the springs          

A perfect dog playground!
Akina in the river

A stunning valley in early morning sunlight

    The sunlight was perfect - this valley is stunning and I am looking forward to coming out with a picnic and just sitting for a while, watching the dogs play.  There were two people fishing further along the bank - it was the most tranquil setting.

Happy dogs - silhouette and sparkling water

For some live action from the Quesa walk - check out the video clips!  Enjoy!

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