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Friday, 26 October 2012

Cid - Choc Lab x German Shepherd looking for great active home

Here's a quick update on Cid - a PEPA dog that you may have seen a few weeks ago when I went to meet him and he was new to El Eden.  He is doing so well!  What a fabulous dog, I so enjoy him and he has such enthusiasm and willingness to learn.  He engages with those who are enthusiastic and fun loving and once you start spending one on one time with him he looks forward to his special time.

He is sitting nicely now and polite when you open gates and doors, he runs nicely with the bicycle and is beginning to learn not to pull ahead.  His favourite thing is moving out and moving forward and when he is stimulated and exercising regularly he walks so politely by your side, ignoring loose dogs, not worrying about those barking around him and not pulling.  He is starting to realise that on leash time is on leash time and focused, but going for a sniff walk and nosing around is "his time" to choose where to go.  With someone to focus on him and take him to fun, new and interesting things I am sure he will be a loyal and fun dog to have and it will be great when he can play and have time off leash because he knows who his person is!

Here are some clips of Cid on one of his training sessions - showing how much he wants to try for a human who will love him.  If you can give him a home do contact the PEPA help desk on 650 304 746 and come and meet him:  

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