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Monday, 29 July 2013

Betsey - Perfect Small Foster dog Looking for Forever home

Betsey has been with us just over a week and already she has changed enormously!  She has put on weight, has a shiny coat again and has learnt so much!  I have included below a demo of her showing how good she is at "leave it" off leash already.  She no longer tries to take the other dog's treats or dash for her own.

Walking with Betsey is great and she is mostly right with me but even if she has an explore off leash, she recalls so well even if out of sight in the bushes.  On a walk the other day a hare shot out almost from under her feet. She ran only about three metres and listened to me! She also has great recalls from out of the olive groves, even when she is onto a really good scent. Here is a list of her plus points - all of which tick my boxes when for "looking for a great dog"...

* House trained
* Good recall
* Doing a superb leave it even when dropping food next to her
* Takes treats politely from the hand and does not snatch
* Can now lie down and ignore us when we eat and not starting fixedly at us in the sit
* Not a yapper/annoying barker
* Sleeps quietly through the night
* Loves other dogs but loves her humans even more
* Great through town
* Great on the leash and off
* Learns fast
* Sits to have her leash on and does not just get up and shoot off the moment it is on
* Sits to have her leash off
* Great in the car
* Great at the vet - no shakes, fear or crying
* Happy to meet all people male and female
* Has shown no particular worry or fear of smaller people - children, even when running and shouting
* Has shown no particular interest in push chairs
* Has not chased bicycles, cars, motorbikes etc even when off leash and close to her
* Is friendly with the family cat
* Passes sheep, horses, chickens and other cats without concern
* Baths well and easily - including hosing off under the hose pipe
* Can sit and give focused eye contact before taking her food
* Can wander around the other dogs while they are eating but is no longer trying to dive into their food
* Understands a few simple tricks - on the block, out, sit, not rushing out of doors and gates under people's feet, sit to get in/out of cars
* Can shake both paws
* Doing a reasonable down although needs help sometimes but really getting it - will lie down before going out and lets us out first, has much more patience.
* Can lie on her bed and knows not to wander into places she is not allowed
* Does not steal cushions, human clothes, shoes or other items to chew or destroy
* Does not chew or destroy her own bed
* Does not "mouth" chew or bite on people
* When excited still jumps up a little but does not nip or bite

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