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Monday, 29 July 2013

Kennel ready for guest dogs/behaviour case(s) from Friday

Great news!  Finally the first kennel will be arriving this week and we are ready to roll.  I already have two dogs booked for September with another 5 showing interest.  It will be so nice to have dogs here and see how they enjoy their play area - both their private one and shared one.  There are still jobs to do - but we have enough in place to "start".  I'm also ready for a workshop and hope to let everyone know a date for the first one soon - I might aim at the beginning of September or end of August.  We have a lovely working space and shade for most of the morning.

We have also been enjoying a few evening events in Alhama.  One Flamenco and one "dúo cómico musical" Los Sabineros, in a tribute evening to Joaquín Sabina.  The first was held in the square outside the church - a lovely setting and everyone clapping and enjoying the evening.  The second was at the ayunatmiento and was such a joy, with Los Sabineros showing great humour and they were wonderful entertainers.  I would thoroughly recommend - even if you don't have a lot of Spanish.

A couple of short tasters below!

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