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Friday, 9 August 2013

Fund Raiser Leadchanges Workshop and Betsey Wears the Trousers!

First kennel up and ready - looks like an extension
to the shed - I love it!  Fits perfectly

Lots has been happening recently.  The first kennel is up and looks great although there is still some more work to do.  There have been quite a few bookings and September (both for kennels and rehab) so it is set to be busy!!  I have also decided to offer up one of my Leadchanges workshops as a fundraiser around the first week of September on a Saturday morning (7th). 

The teachers at the Leadchanges workshop - including
Betsey if she is still with us then
Leadchanges Workshop:  I can take 10 paying participants and funds will go to Axarquia. The workshop will include a light lunch/snacks/cake and soft drinks so do watch this space. I'm waiting until then as although we have a good working area with shade, it will last a bit longer by September and August is a bit of a "funny month"... I plan to charge 25 Euros each with 20 Euros for each paying person going to Axarquia, the rest is to cover lunch and little expenses. The workshops are fun, playful and give you info on dog psychology and an insight into "who you need to be for your dog"... or in fact your friends and family! All that is required is a sense of humour, a sense of fun and an open mind! You "do not" bring a dog - we work with my dogs and whatever foster dog is with us at the time. Maybe you can let me know if you are interested so I can gauge numbers. The workshops usually run from 09.45 until around 13.30 and will be at our place just outside Alhama de Granada. I will also put info on the Leadchanges FB page and there is more on the webpage.

Betsey - looking for her forever home.  Perfect for
town or even apartment.  Has learnt so much and is
totally focused on her human.  Superb recall.  Very

Leadchanges on Facebook:  Do check out the FB page and "like" it for me as it really does help.  I can't believe the difference having this page has made already.  I have just never got round to making a FB page before, but am very glad I have now done it.  It's a business page so unfortunately I can't connect to "friends" or do "likes" but I must get my act together and create a personal one for this.  Do take a look around - it's totally "dog" related and also strongly promotes whatever dog I have on foster and who is up for adoption at the time.  Betsey the perfect small dog is just waiting for someone to love her up and take her home!

Ruby (right) with her friend, puppy Lucy

Case Studies:  I have also been helping with training as well as doing some case studies toward my diploma.  One with the lovely Ruby and her owners and some other work with Jack and George some gorgeous terrier boys.  Stephenie and Keith Amey (Ruby's "mum and dad") who were my "Case Study" for my second from last project in my canine behaviour diploma have been superstars and Ruby has changed a lot - all down to Stephenie and Keith doing their homework. I was most impressed with them both as Stephenie was away and Keith managed to pass on all the info in one evening before I saw her and with the homework he had done and with Stephenie's quick studying - Ruby was performing well on my last visit, getting much more confident and needing to bark less.  She is also responding to requests rather than trying to avoid them much more than she did initially and is prepared to "try" rather than run away.   

Raised bed inside the
kennel - can take one large
or two small friendly
dogs.. easy clean and
good for older bones
and against cold
Raised lying platform - dogs love
to be up higher, plus some sand
for scratching/lying
Pam and Alan Gillibrand have the two terriers on foster and they will be going to a home in the UK in October.  They kindly let me work with Jack and George and what stars they all were - both canine and human! It's so great to work with people who are dedicated and do their homework. Jack and George have also made big changes and yesterday we were able to sit and lie down by Coffee the cat, only centimetres away and walk past him on a slack leash, and recall away on a slack leash... and all with calm relaxation! I was so proud of "all" the students! Jack and George will be visiting Monday for some work right here at Leadchanges and they will be staying with us for 10 days in September.  

Betsey's Trousers!
Betsey Wears the Trousers:  Betsey wears the trousers... As the heat continues (although on the whole days are cooling off, shadows are getting longer and long dog walks are more possible and pleasant) the little streams around are are becoming muddier so the dogs often need a hose down on their return home. However, due to her colour, it is always more noticeable on young Betsey! Today she started a new fashion trend (must be to go with her new red collar that she chose yesterday) of "grey dog trousers"... I'm sure you will find them most fetching (excuse the pun!!)

The lovely mini gorge on one of our
morning walks - Bourke's Luck Potholes
 Spanish style (check them out in RSA!)
Casa Almaz and Leadchanges in General:  The place is really coming together and it is looking good.  We are now mostly down to the maintenance side of things and putting together the finishing touches.  Still a few projects to do but we are at least ready to run now.  The photos I hope show how the place is coming together.    

Early morning over the pool and "Torresolana"

Kennel entrance with lintel and each named after
one of the dogs.  The PVC weather flap we plan to change
for heavier PVC and will add an internal "draft" board and
wall insulation

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