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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Gourmet Tapas Fair in Xàtiva

Just a quick blog to let you all know what a great night Xàtiva put on outside the ayuntamiento.  Over 50 different styles of tapas, all by different local restaurants.  Tickets bought you portions of whichever tapas you wanted to try and then at the end you voted for your favourite.  
Many were delicious but in style, presentation, flavour and friendliness, the winner for us was Retaurante Euniss.  So good we plan to eat there on Wednesday after our visit to the theatre - Carmen with Spanish subtitles.  A few pics below give you a flavour of the evening - in more ways than one maybe (!)  A good way to finish our evening after watching the movie "Argo" - Ben Affleck but overdubbed in Spanish.  A great way for us to get used to the sound and rhythm of the language.  A good movie, nicely cast and what looks like a good representation of the "true story" it portrayed.

Restaurante Euniss - our favourite of the night

Michael queuing for a tapas

Dessert - delicious kind of pancake
come doughnut from the stall photographed
here - Dulces Tradicionales
(mmmmm - traditional sweet things yum)

What always amazes me is that Spanish
sweets might "look" heavy but when you
bite into them it is like biting into a
wonderful puff of air, delicious and light!

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