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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Xàtiva Theatre - don't miss it & Sasha the stunning PEPA dog seeks a home

What a fantastic night!  We had booked for Carmen (French opera) with Spanish "over-titles" at Xàtiva theatre and what a fabulous experience and great way to practice Spanish.  I would thoroughly recommend anyone learning a language and living in the country where they are learning to attend an opera "not of the resident language" and where the over titles will be in the language they are learning.  As a member of the audience, you have to pay even more attention and I appreciated Carmen as I never have before - even though I love this opera - and being opera, one gets the chance to listen to the same lines sung over a number of times during the scene.  If you missed it the first time, it won't be long before it comes around again!   The atmosphere of the theatre was great, everyone welcoming and the place was almost full.  Not something I have expected in many other places on a Wednesday night.  And all of this only 20 mins from home! 
What a lovely production too, collaborating with the Ballet Español de Murcia and the orchestra was the Sinfónica de Pleven from Bulgaria.  Please, anyone visiting Xàtiva, do try and support the theatre and take the chance to experience it, even if you are just here on holiday touring.

Sasha the foster dog from PEPA is doing so well.  What a delight!  She will make a marvellous companion as I said in my last blog.  She really knows her bed, boundaries around the house and is starting to sit and stay sitting rather than just bouncing up as soon as she receives her reward.  She knows down nicely and does not chew her bed at night when she goes to sleep in her crate.  She is quiet and relaxed all night and polite when she comes out in the morning - waiting until invited.  She still comes out a little quickly but does know how to wait at doors to be invited in and out now.  She is so affectionate and lies at our feet at night on her bed and loves a cuddle, scratch or tummy rub.  She plays with the other dogs and is just a delight to have around.  

Today she did her first "cycle" outing and was in tandem with Kaishi.  She did so well and maintained a nice steady trot all round, and was really getting very good after the first ten minutes, not even trying to pull too much after that and only occasionally forgetting herself.  For anyone interested, please do contact PEPA ( as Sasha is the most wonderful family dog.  Gentle, willing and friendly.  Affectionate.  Active but not manic.  Travels well in the car, sits politely to take her food and waits to be asked.  She is house trained and is confident in her bedroom crate over night and for short times when we are out, like at the theatre last night.  She did not cry or even worry when we came home but calmly welcomed us home.  She is small and fits in anywhere and will go anywhere.  

She would be great for an active person who wants to enjoy walks or cycle rides with her and take her places, or for someone who wants to take up agility and/or teach her tricks.  If you have never seen the "dancing" dogs and the competitions that are run (not quite dressage for dogs but great fun and really something you can enjoy with your dog) then Google the info and watch some of the YouTube videos.  The best known is probably Pepper the Border Collie - and with Sasha's agility, ability to jump, twist and walk and balance on two legs, I think she would be an ideal candidate.  She is just ready and waiting to learn lots of things with her new human.  Until then, she will continue to hang out with us, learn more and of course participate in our Camino walking!

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